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Not every dispute can be settled between the conflicting parties. In business, real estate, and in everyday life, conflicts arise that may require the help of a professional, knowledgeable civil litigator. Whether you have sustained monetary damages as a result of the actions of another or you need to take an adversary to small claims court for breach of contract, having a tenacious and experienced litigator on your side is an invaluable asset.  In this regard, navigating the Rules of Court and the courthouse, without an experienced litigator can be detrimental to your position.

For decades, Attorney John T. Bazzurro has been a respected litigator practicing throughout New Jersey. Licensed to serve clients in State and Federal courts throughout New Jersey and New York, Trial Lawyer Bazzurro and his robust support staff have the skills and experience to successfully resolve civil disputes, getting the results you expect and deserve.

What is Civil Litigation?

There are two main types of law: civil and criminal. In criminal court, the defendant is accused of committing an illegal act and may face punishment from the criminal justice system, such as imprisonment or government fines.

In civil law, one or more parties are typically seeking monetary damages from another party who has wronged them in one way or another. A Trial Attorney represents the wronged party in front of judge and/or jury, or helps you settle the case beforehand by means of negotiation, arbitration, or mediation.

Our General Litigation Services

At the Law Offices of John T. Bazzurro, our savvy legal team handles a wide range of civil litigation services, including:

  • Personal injury law – if you have been injured in an accident, we seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and more on your behalf.
  • Real estate law – if a real estate deal has gone sour or a contractor has breached his or her contract, The Law Offices of John T. Bazzurro is on your side.
  • Insurance law – if your insurer fails to adhere to the terms of your policy or otherwise harms you, we can seek justice for you.
  • Special civil part – if an acquaintance, business partner, or other individual owes you $15,000.00 or less, have a litigator represent you in New Jerseys special civil part which allows an expeditious hearing.

Please ask us about our other litigation services and see if the Law Offices of John T. Bazzurro can help you.

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