The Municipal Courts in the State of New Jersey have jurisdiction over many criminal and quasi-criminal cases including motor vehicle violations, traffic violations, ordinance violations and non-indictable criminal offenses.  Most people will generally have at least one encounter in one of the Municipal Courts of our state during the course of their lifetime.  Although the Municipal Courts have limited jurisdiction over generally low level criminal and quasi-criminal cases, the stakes are sometimes high in that the Municipal Courts have jurisdiction to sentence defendants to jail time and to revoke and suspend a person’s driver’s license and driving privileges.  Obviously, the level of the punishment will depend on the charges that one is facing.

Although the predominant reason that people are required to appear in Municipal Court Is a violation of a traffic statute, the Rules of Court in the State of New Jersey provide that lower level criminal offenses can be adjudicated there.  Even seemingly minor traffic violations can subject a person to a significant monetary penalties, motor vehicle points, increased automobile insurance premiums and a suspension of driving privileges.  More serious motor vehicle violations such as driving while intoxicated (or driving under the influence) and reckless driving can carry a sentence which will include jail time.  Finally, lower level criminal offenses which are adjudicated in Municipal Courts can also carry a sentence inclusive of jail time.

If you receive a traffic violation or are arrested and receive a summons to appear in a Municipal Court, it is imperative to contact an attorney to insure that your legal rights are adequately protected.  Each case and each set of facts may present their own legal ramifications and, as such, it is important to contact an attorney with vast experience in handling these types of cases.

Despite all of the above, there are also situations in which you may not require the services of a lawyer.  At the Law Offices of John T.  Bazzurro, LLC we are happy to discuss your individual situation free of charge to determine whether or not legal representation is required in your set of circumstances.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your case now.