Typically, a purchase of a home or piece of real property is the largest transaction a typical person will encounter in their entire life.  Throughout the course of a real estate transaction, there are numerous pitfalls that both a buyer and seller must be aware of and address.  These pitfalls could occur as early as executing documents with a realtor and as late as the time of closing.  Because such a transaction is one of the most expensive transactions you will encounter, you should insure that you are legally protected.  Utilizing an attorney for a real estate transaction is probably one of the most economical decisions that one can make.  Typically, for a very limited flat fee, the attorney will insure that your legal rights are protected.  Protecting your legal rights in such a transaction is especially important when you are investing your life savings in the real estate transaction.

Experience has shown that the relatively minor investment in hiring a lawyer to help you navigate through the real estate transaction often pays significant dividends, especially where problems arise.  Despite the fact that most real estate transactions are, for the most part, “friendly” in nature, there are situations where you want an experienced attorney advocating your position.  In this regard, you would want an attorney with many years of negotiating experience and who is not afraid to either threaten or take the next step in fully protecting legal rights.

Whether you are buying or selling a home or a commercial property, please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual situation to see how we may be able to assist you in fully protecting your legal rights.  If you are a seller of a home or commercial property, we implore you to contact us to discuss your situation before entering into a listing contract with a realtor.  If you are in the market of purchasing a home or commercial property, we would be happy to discuss the potential pitfalls that you may encounter prior to even signing a realtor form contract.