Slip and fall accidents

As the weather turns bad, many store owners and landowners begin to ask what their responsibility is with respect to clearing ice and snow from their walkways, parking lots and sidewalks.  Similarly, people begin asking whether they have a viable … Continued

Do you need a lawyer in Municipal Court?

As indicated on our website, there are numerous charges that are heard in the Municipal Courts in the State of New Jersey. These range from low level motor vehicle violations such as going through a stop sign, careless driving, failure … Continued

Do you have the right Automobile Insurance?

In my day-to-day practice, I generally see two or three new clients per week that have been involved in automobile accidents. Unfortunately, about 90% of these people carry a policy of automobile insurance that does not allow them to sue … Continued

Welcome to my blog

Well, my new law firm is finally “up and running” smoothly, so now it is time to put the finishing touches on my website and start my blog. The purpose of this blog, as you will come to see, is … Continued